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David Perez Salon is the go-to destination for premium hair stylist services in Costa Mesa, CA, and optimizing your presentability. Our qualified and experienced specialists specialize in various services encompassing every hair care and styling aspect. We provide fresh haircuts that perfectly complement your personality, and our hair extensions result in ideal hair length and volume. With our expertise in hair coloring services in Costa Mesa, you can acquire the perfect shade to match your personality. With our hairstyling services, you earn a polished and glamorous look for special events, turning numerous heads. We also save you time by providing efficient and quality hair solutions if you are too busy or have limited time for self-care. Discover the joy of effortlessly beautiful and healthy hair with David Perez Salon, where we bring the dream salon experience to life.


Our Mission

As the top hair stylist in Costa Mesa, we aim to empower individuals with confidence, style, and self-expression through innovative and personalized hairstyling experiences.


Our Vision

To be the premier destination for innovative hairstyling services by creating a world where every hairstyle tells a story of individuality and self-expression.

Our Professional Styling Techniques for Personalized Hair Transformations

Our professional hairstylists use numerous techniques that help everyone achieve the ideal hairstyle:

  • One crucial aspect of hairstyling revolves around hair texture and curling. We use hot tools like curling or flat irons and chemical treatments such as perming or relaxing, braiding, and twisting.
  • We use effective haircare products, from shampoos and conditioners to gels and hairsprays, to maintain the well-being of your hair during styling.
  • We use appropriate extensions and wigs to achieve a particular volume and texture.

We keep a keen eye on the latest hair trends and fashion, ensuring they stay updated with the ever-evolving hairstyle world.

From Consultation to Final Touch: Crafting Your Hairstyle

It all starts with a personalized hair consultation, during which hairstylists listen attentively to clients’ desires and help them pick the perfect style. 

  • After that, hair preparation begins, in which we remove debris from your hair to ensure zero obstructions in styling. 
  • Then, we use hairpins, elastic bands, or hair ties to make hair sections and adequately style your hair. 
  • We maintain a gentle touch to prevent hair damage. We apply a final touch with a light mist of hairspray and other styling products to maintain hairstyle longevity.

To maintain hair well-being, we employ deep treatments in your haircare routine so that you can look your best.

Renowned Hair Stylist Services
in Costa Mesa, CA

David Perez Salon is a beacon of excellence in hair stylist services in Costa Mesa, CA. Our passion and unwavering commitment to bringing out your beauty distinguishes us from others. With a team of devoted specialists, we offer top-notch services that fulfill diverse requirements without a hassle. Our expert stylists possess the skills to create personalized hair masterpieces. We understand your hair reflects your unique style and ensure it shines with unmatched brilliance. Choose us for a transformation transcending mere hairstyling, a remarkable experience that leaves you feeling confident and stunning.

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Hair Stylist

Our expert hair stylist services in Costa Mesa, CA, create the perfect styles that complement your style and personality, ensuring you leave our salon looking and feeling fantastic.

Hair Extension Specialist

Transform your hair with our hair extension specialists. Achieve length, volume, and versatility effortlessly, and let your locks make a bold and glamorous statement.

Master Hair Coloring

With our skilled master hair colorist in Costa Mesa, you can quickly achieve vibrant and natural-looking hair color. We cover everything, whether you desire a classic shade or a trendy look.


Experience the artistry of balayage hair coloring with us. Our skilled stylists will create beautiful, sun-kissed highlights that bring out your inner glow.


Elevate your hair game with gorgeous highlights with the help of our reliable hair specialists. We offer a variety of highlighting techniques to achieve the perfect look.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To maintain hair color, use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, limit sun exposure, avoid hot showers, and minimize the use of heat-styling tools. Regular touch-ups also help maintain color vibrancy.

Some easy ways to style short hair include using a texturizing spray for added volume, trying different accessories like headbands or clips, and creating messy waves with a curling iron.

Use deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week, and regularly trim the ends of your hair to prevent further damage. You can use our salon services if the problem remains.

Numerous factors exist when selecting a color, like eye color, skin tone, etc. You can hire us; we provide hair coloring that complements features and suits desired outcomes.

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Expert Stylists

Our highly skilled and experienced hairstylists are experts in their craft, ensuring you receive the best service and results every time you enter our salon.

why choose us

Effective Techniques

Our stylists utilize effective techniques and stay updated with industry trends, allowing us to create modern and fashionable hairstyles for every client.

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